Schedule-job specifications

Level of professional education:


Higher professional(technical-engineering):

Time in employment: at least 5 years in executive positions in  the sphere of major construction works.

Language qualifications: Russian – mastery of language; English – mastery of language.

Presence of certificates: in the sphere of modern corporate methods of management – is encouraged.


 Ensuring performance of works related to major construction, implementation of construction-installation works at the enterprise, enterprise public objects, target and rational application on invested funds.  

  1. Direction of funds to technical modernization and reconstruction of the enterprise, providing theirs concentration at commissioned objects, reducing the scope of unfinished construction.   
  2. Management of works for advancement and cost-decreasing for project-investigation works, improvement of production organization and implementation of progressive construction methods, decreasing expenditures on construction and quality increasing, and also reducing the time spent for construction activities.   
  3. Management of development of prospective and current construction plans, reconstruction and  expansion of the enterprise, and also plans of commissioning of basic production facilities, spaces and capacities, recreational and service facilities, drawing up requests for construction materials, itemized construction listings  and ensure execution of the works, envisaged in them.
  4. Participation in development of business-plans on the part of technical modernization and production efficiency, in determination of financial funds necessary for construction, projecting and purchasing of equipment. 
  5. Takingmeasuresfortimelysigningcontractswithsubcontractor.  
  6. Control over execution of contractual obligations by projecting and construction organizations, in necessary cases application of sanctions, provided by contracts, prevention of application of construction materials, details and items,  increasing the cost of construction and not conforming the standards and technical specifications.
  7. Ensuring provision of all materials, information, necessary for development of design-estimation documentation for constructed and reconstructed facilities.
  8. Coordination in an established manner of design tasks and preparation of them for approval.
  9. Ensuring the control over: 

̶ Timely provision of design-estimation documentation and other technical documentation for execution of construction works;

 ̶ Targeted application of investment funds;

 ̶ Fulfillment of established norms of construction duration and terms of main production capacities commissioning and primary funds;

 ̶ Fulfillment of legislative requirements considering environmental protection  .

 Provision of technical supervision over:

 ̶ Terms and quality of execution of construction-erection and other construction works  ;

 ̶ Conformance of construction-erection works with approved design-estimation documentation, construction regulations and rules,  standards and technical conditions, regulations considering safety techniques, production sanitary norms and fire safety, requirements to workplace management.

 In collaboration with subcontracting organizations execution of acceptance and commissioning for finished construction facilities.  

  1. Assistance to implementation of rationalizing offers and improvements, cutting costs and terms of construction without loss of construction works quality.  


 Salary – up to6 000 000,0 UZS,


 ̶ Fixed official salary – 1 250 000 UZS;

 ̶ Personal increasing ratio;

 ̶ Regional ratio;

 ̶ Reward for performance of enterprise financial-economic activities (in accordance with collective agreement);

 ̶ Additional payment for compensation of expenditures for increased costs of nutrition for each working day in the amount of 7 % from minimal salary, stated in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

 ̶ Reward at year-end in accordance with “Regulation on reward payment at year-end results of enterprise activities paid to employees of the enterprise”.

 Foreign specialists, in the accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 24.04.2015 y. № PD-4720, there are provided the preferences for payment of taxes and conversion of obtained salary.   


 ̶ Working day from  08.00 till 17.00;

 ̶ weekends: Saturday, Sunday, holidays;

 ̶ private office;

 ̶ computer, connected to local enterprise network;

 ̶ Communication means (stationary and interoffice telephone, local network, internet, and etc.) 

 ̶ Transporting to workplace and back to home;

 ̶ Ability to use sanatorium-preventorium for employees;

 ̶ Ability to use children’s holiday camp for employees’ children.

 ̶ For foreign specialists payment for one-time transportation to the workplace at recruitment, corporate housing (space).



 ̶ Knowledge in the sphere of construction-erection works organization;

 ̶ Preparation of design and estimate documentation,

 ̶ Knowledge of technology of construction production management,

 ̶ Knowledge of construction regulations and standards,

 ̶ Technicaldocumentationpreparation skills,

 ̶ Skills in documents processing and PC operation.


 Accuracy, interpersonal skills, ability to make operative decisions, initiativity, teamwork skills, responsibility, creativity, experience of negotiations with management, ability to work in conditions of increased workloads, ability to create  teams and organize their work.